Find Your Presentation’s “Why?”


Today, I had the amazing opportunity to help a few Sports Marketing and Media students with their Final Project presentation dress rehearsals.  One thing I noticed that separated the strong presentations from the ones that needed work was “why?”  The strong presentations defined a clear “why,” and that purpose stood out as the string tying the entire presentation together.  Other presentations focused on “what” and even “how” but lacked a clear sense of purpose.

Because it’s so important to determine and to explain your presentation’s “why,” today’s featured TED Talk comes from Simon Sinek:


Two Creating Communication throwback posts can also help you find your presentation’s why:

“Starting With ‘Why'” explains the importance of “why” as outlined by not only Sinek but also Nancy Duarte and Garr Reynolds.  Originally published on June 28, 2012.

“Communication: Great Leaders Start With ‘Why'” features Chiara Ojeda’s Slideshare deck on Simon Sinek’s philosophy.  Originally published on September 17, 2012.

How do you make sure the purpose of your presentation clearly comes across to your audience?  How do you communicate your presentation’s “why?”


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