3 Presentation Resources To Bookmark


One of my favorite down-time activities is searching for new websites on public speaking and presentation.  I’ve found three new resources filled with great information on compelling content, strong slides, and dynamic delivery, and I want to share these resources with you.

Like the folks at Ethos3 and Empowered Presentations, Nadine Hanafi‘s goal is to help others change the world with their ideas.  We Are Visual is her new Miami-based company, and Hanafi has been featured on Fast Company; helped with TEDxMiami; and secured the coveted “1%” Slideshare award for being in the top 1% of most viewed content on the website.  Hanafi’s We Are Visual is definitely a company to follow.  Check out the website here.



Another amazing resource is Europe’s leading presentation expert Ideas On Stage founded by Phil Waknell and based out of Paris, France.  You may recognize Waknell’s name from Garr Reynolds’ The Naked Presenter or from his work with WikiTalks.  Ideas on Stage coaches TEDx presenters, collaborates with Garr Reynolds on workshops and seminars, and teaches effective presentation design.  Take a look at the Ideas on Stage page here.



Last, but not least, is Connor Neill’s Moving People To Action.  Neill is a professor and businessman, and working in the two worst fields for presentations means he knows from experience just how bad communication can be.  His website contains a blog which he actively curates; online lessons and seminars; and a collection of interviews – all on persuasion and moving people to action.  Neill is also on Twitter, and you can follow him here.  Visit his website here.



What great, new presentation resources have you found in 2014?


4 thoughts on “3 Presentation Resources To Bookmark

  1. Hi Alex, we’ve just shared a complete course on communication skills on Present.me by two of my co-founders Richard & Charlie – both have been teaching senior executives in the UK, Europe & the US for many years on how to communicate effectively, particularly when it’s a high stakes presentation that’s either critical to their career or their business. You can access the whole course for free here: https://present.me/content/bcjdiu7w8/ If you enjoy it (and i’m sure you will) ping me an email at spen@present.me to access the whole lot without waiting to be sent the next episode.

  2. Alex, you made my week! Just reading my blog feed this Monday morning and wow, I have the surprise of reading your recommendations ;-) Thanks and keep up the great blogging!

  3. Nadine Hanafi

    Thank you Alex for the wonderful recommendation! I appreciate all your support! Stay amazing and keep up the great blogging!

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