Wednesday Challenge: Favorite TED Talk


On Wednesdays, I am facilitating a brand new audience-centered series called The Wednesday Challenge.  I’ll provide a prompt, and you leave a response in the “Comments” section.  I’ll share the best comment along with a new prompt the following Wednesday.

Last week, I asked you to tell me about the best compliment you’ve ever received from an audience member about your public speaking and presentation skills.  Presentation expert Phil Waknell responded:

“After teaching at business schools, I often get asked, ‘When are you going to train the other teachers to present like that?’ I take that as a compliment.

But perhaps the best I ever had was a young tech student who followed my course and won a pitch contest.  He told me:’You changed my life.’

Comments like that make it all worthwhile.”

Follow Waknell on Twitter here to learn more about the amazing work he does.  You can also read previous mentions of him on Creating Communication here.


This week’s Wednesday Challenge is another question:

Share a link to your favorite TED Talk of all time in the “Comments” section.  Explain why that presentation, above all others, resonated with you.

I’ll share one of your favorite TED Talks and the reason why you loved it next week.


One thought on “Wednesday Challenge: Favorite TED Talk

  1. My favorite TED talk (man this is actually really hard!) has to be Lisa Kristine’s “Photos that bear witness to modern slavery.” When I first watched this talk I was floored–Lisa’s hauntingly beautiful imagery, richly detailed verbal imagery, superb poise, and moving call to action changed my perception of her subject and also taught me a few important lessons about crafting a message that sticks. Lisa uses her story, empathy towards her subjects, and concrete details/images to imprint the importance of bringing light to the issue of modern slavery on her audience. Such a beautiful talk!

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