4 thoughts on “The Importance of Nonverbal Communication

  1. Did you know: The headline on that infographic is extremely misleading, and is therefore bad communication?

    Let me explain. Try this experiment: Split an audience into 2 groups. Show 1 group a video of a speech (without slides) with the sound turned off. With the other group, play them the sound but don’t show them the screen. Who do you think would come away with more understanding of the talk? Of course, the people who could actually hear what was said would!

    Like the Mehrabian Myth (debunked at https://bitly.com/1uO4E3S and many other places), the “85%” headline refers to specific circumstances, and is NOT true of talks in general. (I believe the 85% refers to trustworthiness of political candidates in a presidential debate.)

    There are some good points made in the infographic, but having an untrue statement as its headline means that it could cause more harm than good, and casts undeserved doubt on its other content.

    Please, let’s not spread misinformation about the importance of body language!

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