Communication Research Projects


For the past few weeks, as opposed to writing posts for my blog, I’ve been focusing exclusively on my academic writing in the field of communication.  In my Communication and Conflict course, as I mentioned earlier this month, I began a research project proposal.  I am planning on turning this proposal into my thesis.  My focus is female leadership and the identity conflict that often arises between “female” and “leader.”  While I am still nailing down my theoretical lens and methods, I confirmed my thesis chair and an additional committee member.  In August, I am excited to invite my third committee member on board and to present my finalized research project proposal to the entire team.  Once my proposal has been approved, I can begin my work.



Additionally, I am thrilled to report that I began collaborating with a classmate on a food-related research project based on the “cooking as inquiry” method.  We asked a professor to co-author this qualitative study with us.

I am waiting to hear back from NCTE’s 4Cs and the Florida Communication Association to see if my conference proposals have been accepted for presentation.  I will keep you posted!

Last, but not least, I have a conference call scheduled early next week with a PhD student at my top choice school.  After scouring the program’s website and reading up on the faculty and their publications, I am excited about the possibility of attending this specific doctoral program.  I plan to apply in late 2015 with a fingers-crossed start date of August 2016.

What kind of researching, reading, and writing have you been doing lately?

2 thoughts on “Communication Research Projects

  1. Gary Bisaga

    Hi Alex, that’s very exciting! Can’t wait to see what comes out of it. For myself, I’ve just taken over as VP of Education for my Toastmasters club, as well as starting to prepare for two presentations in Las Vegas. I had an exciting meeting with the VP-for-a-bunch of stuff that I mentioned (actually I think VP for product management and partner programs) this week in California, where he wants me to take a more active role with our partners. Exciting times ahead, I hope!

    Oh, and I’ll have another “Alex sighting” for you Tuesday… Betcha can’t wait. :-)


    • Gary!!! Congratulations on your new role as VP of Education… That is so exciting. You’ll have to let me know how it goes as you transition into your leadership role. I know you will be amazing in the position. Thanks for checking in as always :) -Alex

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