Professional Communication and Presentation Class Mini Discussion


This week, four amazing artists presented their Mini Discussion presentation.  Here was the prompt: Garr Reynolds says an ineffective slide is a slideument and Nancy Duarte says we should be creating “digital scenery” instead.  Explain the difference between an ineffective slide and an effective one based on these two slide design experts.  Use one outside source, and create an activity to help the class internalize your lesson.

As they were presenting, my students animated their speech using the whiteboard and a few markers.  After they finished, I asked them if I could take their pictures next to the pictures they’re drawn on the board.


Gerson (left) and Tuan (right) showed us the RIGHT way to design a slide relying on images, a little bit of relevant text, and strong principles of design.


Brian (left) and Roberto (right) explain what a slidument is and dissect an example of a “wall of text,” bad slide.

I am always so impressed when my students blend what they’re learning and studying (art and design) with what we learn in class.

What great things have your students been working on lately?

Clearly Influential Podcast


A few weeks ago, I got the incredible opportunity to chat with Sandy Donovan for her podcast Clearly Influential.  Check out the interview here.  


The research project I reference in the podcast was actually just accepted to the Florida Communication Association this afternoon.  I am excited to present this research to colleagues also interested in online pedagogy in order to learn how to resonate with students as an online teacher and how to create a stronger learning community online.

I highly recommend Sandy’s podcast series.  To learn more, follow her on Twitter here.  You can also visit her Facebook page here.