Resources For Teachers


What, exactly, is a “superteacher?” Learn more on how to become a superteacher by reading the five-part series below:

The superteachers series was inspired by many people including Carol Dweck, Julie Dirksen, Bryan Goodwin, Dr. John Medina, Sir Ken Robinson, Dr. Tae, and many educators from

The articles below discuss the superteacher’s role in education:

Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success = grit

Superteachers: Dealing With Failure

Motivation: A Superteacher’s Perspective

Designing For Creativity In The Classroom: A Slideshare Presentation

The Power of Visual Storytelling for Education: A Slideshare Presentation

Creativity is the Future of Education

Education in the East versus West

Design Thinking for Educators

John Medina’s Brain Rule #12: Exploration

Conor Neill’s TED-ED Lesson on Persuasion

What Teachers Make

Sir Ken Robinson’s How To Escape Education’s Death Valley

If you’re a public speaking teacher, please check out “Why Public Speaking Textbooks Suck” as well as my series on designing curriculum for an online Public Speaking course.

Finally, these two books will help you on your quest to become a superteacher: Carol Dweck’s Mindset and Julie Dirksen’s Design For How People Learn

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