Content begins with the presentation basics: brainstorming, researching, analyzing the audience, and outlining (or Sparklining).  It’s important to start with why… why does your audience care about this topic, and why are they spending their precious time listening to you?  You should also remember JesseDee’s 5 Presentation Lessons from The King’s Speech.

Content Is King: Public Speaking Secrets From TED

Continue developing your content by focusing on your speech’s introduction:

Work to include storytelling in your presentation no matter what the topic:

With a persuasive presentation, the modes of persuasion are essential:

Conclude your presentation with help from the following sources:

It’s also helpful to analyze other presentations to help you with your content.  Check out or the “Inspiration” section of Creating Communication where I highlight effective TED speeches.  Read, understand, and apply the TED Commandments to each of your presentations.

You can also learn “presentation lessons” from anywhere!  Take, for example, Ethos3’s “Presentation Lessons” series.

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