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Are you ready to ditch the traditional death-by-PowerPoint method and begin designing slides that are truly visual?  You’ll need help on your journey.  Check out the links below for assistance:

Introduction to Slide Design: 7 Rules for Creating Effective Slides:

PowerPoint is worthless.  What can you do to restore its use?  Click here to find out.  Still not convinced?  Check out Protesting Presentation Design: 5 Common Arguments

Remember that not all presentations require PowerPoint.  Here are 3 reasons why you should ditch your slides for your next presentation.

Presentation ZenAn Introduction by Garr Reynolds

… “But the Presentation Zen approach doesn’t work for me.”  Yes, it does.  Here’s why.

Nancy Duarte’s 5 Rules for Creating Great Presentations

5 Rules for Creating Effective Visuals and 5 More Tips for Visual Presentations

You Suck at PowerPoint by JesseDee

Captive: Create Eye-Catching Presentations by Sabi Lee

I created the 7 Deadly Sins of Visual Design to help my students understand design principles.  Click here for the Slideshare version; learn more about each deadly sin by clicking on the links below:

“Slide Makeover: Example Edits Using 3 Visual Design Concepts” is a how-to article that shows you a “before” (death-by-bulletpoint) slideshow and an “after” using three important design concepts you can easily learn and apply yourself.

The “Design Tip of the Day” series is a great way to learn single design concepts at a time.  Check out Creating Communication‘s previous design tips here.

Guy Kawasai’s 10/20/30 Rule

Don’t Blame PowerPoint!  It’s Just A Vehicle

Alignment and Grids: A “How To”

“In Defense of Slide:ology” and “In Defense of Infographics”

My Thoughts On Clip Art

7 Tips to Create Visual Presentations on Slideshare

The Ingredients of an Effective Slide

Dos and Don’ts for Presentation Fonts by Ethos3

How To Use Compfight

And if you’re interested in applying concepts of slide design to your handouts and manuals, please check out guest blogger Steve Cherches’ post “6 Top Tips for Creating Memorable Handouts & Manuals.”

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