Did You Get Your Free Copy of Resonate Yet?


Back in November, I shared that Nancy Duarte released Resonate for free.  Check out a video explanation from Duarte herself about the two reasons why she decided to give her book away:


Since we use Resonate to teach our students in Professional Communication and Presentation, a free HTML copy of the book allows them to access the text at any time from any computer.  The new, free release has helped eliminate a lot of technological problems and issues.  Better yet, the new book contains interactive features which truly allow students to dive into understanding and applying concepts.

Check out Resonate for free here.

Do you appreciate Duarte’s two reasons for releasing her book for free?  Do you like the new version of the text?


Get Nancy Duarte’s Resonate For Free!


This afternoon, I checked my inbox to find this startlingly generous, exciting update from the presentation goddess Nancy Duarte herself:


You can get a free copy of Resonate either via HTML5 or on iBooks!  How great is that?  And how great is Nancy Duarte for sharing her ideas FOR FREE?!  She continues to be such an inspiration.  I adore her.

I just downloaded the iBook version and am re-reading Resonate for the hundredth time.  I must say, the multimedia version beats the hard copy because Duarte’s words and ideas come alive with video and audio.  Hearing Nancy Duarte narrate the text using video AND reading the original text helps me connect with the material in a new way.  There are also pop-ups to click on for more information on a particular subject.

Thanks to Nancy Duarte for creating an interactive, fun, FREE version of her book to reach even more audiences.  With this multimedia release, there is absolutely no excuse to continue delivering bad presentations.  Share it with everyone you know!!!

What do you like more about the re-release of Resonate including multimedia?

Be Present: Nancy Duarte


While searching for new, amazing videos on YouTube to share with my Professional Communication and Presentation class, I came across this:


It was amazing to hear some background on Nancy Duarte.  Who knew she was a preacher’s wife and moved to Silicon Valley to create a church?  Interesting!

I love watching Duarte present because she seems so excited when she speaks.  Sometimes, I find myself out of breath and moving around a lot because I am so excited and happy to speak… I see some of this in Duarte’s presentation here.

What I love most about this presentation was Duarte’s summary of the important points in her book, Resonate.  If you’ve seen her TED Talk, some of this material may be repetitive, but it’s always a good brush-up.  Every time I read Resonate or watch Duarte present on the material from Resonate, I feel like I learn something new or take away something I hadn’t previously considered.

Have you read Resonate yet?  What did you think of Nancy Duarte’s amazing book on creating effective presentation content?

Resonate’s Extras


Nancy Duarte’s Resonate will be a wonderful edition to our classroom, as there are so many extras!  Check out Duarte’s website for the WWW extra features by clicking here.

Additionally, if you’re an iPad user, these Resonate extras will truly help you along your presentation journey:


Have you read Resonate yet?  Have you used Resonate for iPad?

Six Ways Social Media Helps Your Presentation Resonate


Pintrest is opening up a whole new world for me.  Not only do I get to share and explore creative ideas with others, but I’ve found new books, new posters, and new ideas simply by using the social media site.  Unlike Facebook, Pintrest is actually a learning tool, and I cannot get enough of it.

For example, my students can use Pintrest when they are working on a project to pin articles and source material as well as images.  This helps them when it comes time to cite that work, and I find Pintrest to be a much more organized way to research and prepare for a presentation.

Today, while browsing Pintrest, I found this gem:


What great Pintrest finds have you stumbled across this week?

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Resonate Through Story Changes The World


This summer, Professional Communication and Presentation will move forward with using Resonate as our course textbook.  To learn more about Nancy Duarte’s book Resonate, check out this video:


I’m excited to continue focusing on the three legs of Jim Endicott’s “presentation stool” but to focus on presentation with content highlighted as the most important element.

Yes, visual presentation is still a challenge.  Today, one of my students, a medical professional, argued that visual presentation as outlined by Duarte and Garr Reynolds will never succeed in the medical field because of the importance of the “informational slide.”  When I asked why a handout couldn’t work just as effectively, he asserted the importance of saving cost and staying green.  Unsure about why a handout couldn’t be emailed or sent via Dropbox (this is 2012!), I sent him Phil Waknell’s masterful article “When you think Presentation Zen isn’t appropriate, that’s when you need it most.”  Visual presentation is still a nightmare.

Yes, delivery is still a challenge.  The last PechaKucha Orlando event I went to showcased several presenters simply reading from a script.  Not only are people too afraid of public speaking to detach from their security blanket script or notes, but people running professional public speaking organizations don’t know how to properly train or facilitate proper presentation.  Delivery is still a nightmare.

But content… You would think that this leg of the presentation stool would be solid and unwavering.  Unfortunately, content isn’t strong because most people don’t understand the importance of ethos, pathos, and logos.  Speakers don’t use story effectively or at all.  They don’t implement Chip and Dan Heath’s Made To Stick techniques in order to make a speech resonate with others.  And speaking of resonating, Nancy Duarte’s book of the same name focuses specifically on content and how we can strengthen our messages to actually connect with people.

Have you read Resonate?  What are your thoughts on the Duarte prequel to Slide:ology?

New Course Textbook: Nancy Duarte’s Resonate


Beginning in July, Professional Communication and Presentation will begin using a new textbook: Nancy Duarte’s Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences.  I cannot wait for the opportunity to teach Resonate in the classroom, especially since I do believe it to be one of the most comprehensive books on developing strong presentation content.

Resonate covers the following:

  • The importance of story in presentations
  • How to structure a strong speech
  • Duarte’s Sparkline tool
  • The audience as the “hero” with the presenter as “mentor”
  • Preparation
  • Audience analysis
  • Developing content that means something to an audience
  • Structuring and organizing a presentation
  • Duarte’s “S.T.A.R.” moment and how to create one

Resonate also uses case studies to help explain the content in each chapter.  Speeches analyzed include MLK’s “Dream” speech and Benjamin Zander’s TED Talk on music and passion among many others.

I cannot wait to begin using this in the classroom!

Do you use Resonate as your class textbook?  How do students respond to this book as opposed to something more cliche such as Speak Up or The Art of Public Speaking?