Think Like A Designer: Garr Reynolds



Garr Reynolds totally changed my life with his “think like a designer” concept.  Since I started learning about and practicing Reynolds’ slide design concepts, I see a noticeable difference in the engagement from my students.  They don’t have everything that comes out of my mouth written on the slides for them.  That means they have to pay attention in class instead of passively sitting back and disengaging.  Effective slide design encourages active participation, learning, and thinking.  Why wouldn’t a teacher want to employ this method?


Design Tip of the Day


In light of Seth Godin’s TED Talk on standing out from the competition (watch here) and the Heath brothers’ book Made to Stick, today’s design tip of the day will help your company or brand stand out from the competition.

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Nancy Duarte explains in slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations that “design and innovation go hand-in-hand with financial success” (Source).  Apple and Target, two design-centered organizations according to Duarte’s text, are perfect examples of companies that stand out from their competitors. How?  Apple and Target create messages that stick and create well-designed mediums to get those sticky messages across to audiences.

“12 paradoxes of graphic design” by Tobias Bergdahl explains one design paradox that Apple and Target know well:

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Target is definitely an example of a design-centered company.  Have you seen their website lately?  With their latest website update, Target makes use of font, color, and arrangement (among so many other design concepts).  Target’s ideas are succeeding, in part, because those products are presented so well.  Another lovely example of design and innovation is Kate Spade.  The Kate Spade website is one of the most beautifully designed websites I have ever seen.

If design and innovation go hand-in-hand with financial success, how can you incorporate design in your company to make your ideas resonate and to make your brand stick?  According to Nancy Duarte, you must think like a designer.  The best part: you do not have to be a formally-trained graphic designer to think like a designer!  (David McCandless teaches us this in his remarkable TED Talk).  Make 2012 the year your ideas resonate with others!  Here are 5 rules for visual presentation you can use RIGHT NOW to more successfully market your ideas to audiences.  Additionally, Chiara Ojeda’s “Thinking Like a Designer” is a must-read.

What design tips do you have for the budding designer who wants to make his or her brand resonate with audiences?