Alexei Kapterev’s Why Presentations Suck


Alexei Kapterev is “a Moscow-based presentations expert, author of the book Presentation Secrets and the world’s most famous presentation about presentations Death by Powerpoint. He is currently teaching presentation skills at the Graduate School of Business at the Moscow State University and running a small private consulting practice” (Source).

I follow Kapterev on Slideshare, and he just released yet another beautifully designed deck of slides jam packed full of important presentation information.  Check it out below:


You can also check out Kapterev’s TEDxKyiv talk called “World Class Self Education.”  Watch it here:


Since Kapterev is an expert on presentations, and since this education comes not from a classroom but from his own self study for 6 years, this TEDx Talk perfectly captures his experience, background, story, and credibility.  I also love this concept because I am finding it to be true in my own life.  The things I study and teach myself are the things giving me a world-class education.  And this is obviously working for him if his book is on the shelves next to Nancy Duarte’s Resonate!

What rings true for you from Kapterev’s Slideshare presentation or his TEDx Talk?